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We like to think that home is wherever you are. Be it the office or your home, the type of floors you have plays a crucial role in your experience. Flooring has a significant effect on the aesthetic of your home. Changing up your floors can make your living space look instantly more relaxed, larger, warmer, and more intimate. At Avellino Flooring, we offer all kinds of carpets and vinyl planks. We also go the extra mile to try and suit our clients’ budgets.

Why Choose Vinyl in Your Home?

Vinyl flooring is one of the most durable types of floors in the market. It can hold up to heavy foot traffic. Vinyl flooring looks a lot like hardwood floors, some versions of the flooring are waterproof. There are two types of Vinyl floors – Vinyl Sheet and Vinyl Plank. The Vinyl sheet is an older version of Vinyl that was not as durable as the Vinyl plank. Vinyl planks are waterproof and allow your family to have fun without worrying about spilling water and beverages. It also makes it easy to clean the floor.

Enjoy Top-Notch Vinyl Flooring

Our team is highly trained and qualified to lay carpets flawlessly. We only have the best onboard, so you can trust that we will exceed your expectations. We have regular training programs to keep the carpet fitting team up-to-date with the trends and ensure customer satisfaction.

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl floors are easy to maintain in all seasons. Like any other floor, it just needs regular cleaning. You do not need to use any expensive products or stick to a strict schedule for it.

Diverse Range

Vinyl planks can be made to look like just about anything. As we mentioned before, vinyl planks can be manufactured to look like any other floor thanks to new advanced technology. Obviously, your options are limited to what manufacturers put out in the market. Lucky for you, manufacturers make a wide range of products to suit clients with diverse tastes.

There are vinyl planks in the market that look like flower gardens and others with an appealing white marble design.


Easy to Install

Because Vinyl planks are made of PVC primarily, they are light and easy to move about during installation. The basic vinyl plank comprises three layers; the base layer, pattern layer, wear or surface layer. Many vinyl planks have extra layers to help in insulation and soundproofing.

The Key to A Successful Installation

We offer the best vinyl installation services in Southampton and the surrounding areas. This is because we have a team of highly qualified technicians that understand the importance of a good floor to your home.

We have years of experience on the job and aim to improve the functionality of your home by giving you the best-done floors any homeowner could ask for.

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Don’t forget that good floors improve your home’s value. Give us a call today and get the best service in town for the best price. We guarantee you no extra or hidden charges. We have worked with local Charters, Posh Pads and Savills since 2004. If you’re not looking for Vinyl planks, we also offer fitting services for all your carpeting needs. Give us a call today and get only the best from Avellino Flooring.