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Carpet Fitters Totton

The professional carpet fitting services we provide are a go-to solution for high quality and guaranteed results. Poorly fitted carpets are vulnerable to damages, which ruin the overall appearance of your space as well as make it uncomfortable to walk on.

The process of installing a new carpet can take hours from start to finish – so why not let experts help? We know exactly what materials will work best with both style preferences or budget constraints.

Why choose us for carpet fitting services?

Carpet fitting is our business and we put all our time and effort into ensuring the job is done right. A lot of aspects differentiate us from our competitors. Here are some benefits to expect from us.

Commercial Carpets and Vinyls

We are Qualified

Our team is highly trained and qualified to lay carpets flawlessly. We only have the best onboard, so you can trust that we will exceed your expectations. We have regular training programs to keep the carpet fitting team up-to-date with the trends and ensure customer satisfaction.

Decades of Carpet Fitting Experience

Having been in the industry for decades, we have gained the necessary carpet fitting skills and expertise. We hire and train our team. Our professionals leave no room for guesswork. We pride ourselves in expert fitting to leave your room flawless with the guarantee that the carpets will not detach any time soon.

Moreover, we are experts in a range of carpet types. From laminate and sheet to engineered flooring, you can count on us to meet your precise needs. We specialise in all carpet types to accommodate all customers.

Impressive customer services

Our customer service is our top priority, and we value our customers. Our customer service team is proactive and always ready to respond to enquiries. Our team works tirelessly to update you throughout the entire process. From first evaluating your property before giving you a quote. You then get a chance to select the carpet of your choice from our huge range. If you have any issues settling for a carpet, we offer guidance to help you choose the best carpet type after listening to your needs.

Competitive Rates

Our services are super affordable, and we do not compromise the quality of our service. We strive to help our clients realize their dreams affordably. We listen to your needs first before recommending the best carpet options to fit your budget. 

We understand that everyone has different needs, so our rates are meant to suit all. There are no hidden costs. The quoted price is what you pay in the end.

Free Carpet Fitting Quote

We are Time Conscious

We show up as soon as you need us to. It takes us the shortest time to come to your property for measurements and fitting. We aim to provide convenience by finishing the job sooner so you can go back to your regular routine. We maintain excellent communication to avoid any mistakes that could compromise the quality of the results.

We apply our knowledge in interior design to guide and help customers with colour schemes. Whether you are looking to create a warm or light and bright environment, we will assist you in setting the mood for it.

If you are one of our many returning customers, you already understand why a professional carpet fitters Totton by Avellino Flooring is a superb idea. If you are on the fence or if you are a new customer, here are several reasons why going ahead with a professional installation by Avellino is a great idea.

Why Hire Avellino Flooring for Carpet Fitting Services in Totton?

Landlord, homeowner, business owner, developer, whether you are having an entire home done or just one room, it doesn’t matter. Everyone gets the same high degree of professionalism and expert installation.

That means you will end up with a flooring product and installation that you, your customers, family, or tenants will admire and appreciate for years to come.

The same holds true for all Avellino Flooring products and services. From the first free consultation, measurement, and quotation to the final quality control inspection by team leaders, every Avellino product and service maintains the highest standards for quality and attention to detail and is fully guaranteed.

Experienced Teams

To associate with the Avellino name, everyone must be an employee. Avellino doesn’t work with independent contractors, either for estimates, installation, or maintenance as that can lead to rushed service and less than acceptable final products.

Each team member has been trained by Avellino above and beyond any manufacturer training and is an expert at installing flooring products with as minimal disturbance to customers’ daily routines as possible. Additionally, each installer is John Lewis approved, which ensures they understand flooring products and services as well as how to address customer needs.

Whether you are looking for a full installation, replacement, or repair, the Avellino Flooring team of experts can handle just about any challenge thrown their way. If a flooring requirement is beyond the scope of the team’s experience, the team can work with other professionals at Avellino to come up with the right solution every time.

Single Source Management

Avellino does not subcontract. As mentioned, this is because doing so can lead to rushed installations and less than acceptable final outcomes. Once a customer signs a work agreement, they only work with Avellino, which includes making sure that every installation meets internal quality standards and any manufacturer warranty requirements.

Working with just one company for the entire flooring process guarantees continuity. You can be assured that:

  • The prices quoted will be fully honored,
  • There are no miscommunications regarding the work and what the customer expects,
  • Follow up is quick and responsive,
  • The final product exceeds expectations for the quality of the flooring and the professionalism exhibited by expert installers.

That Guarantee

The entire flooring process, from quotation through a final walkthrough is guaranteed to adhere to Avellino Flooring company standards. That means you can trust your team to give you a product you can be proud of.

If there is any problem, you are not left stranded with zero options but to learn to live with a mistake or defect. Upon notification of an issue, the team will respond quickly and address the problem in a timely and professional manner.

Avellino Flooring is unique to the flooring industry. From the initial quote through the full installation, the company stands by its products, employees, and services. If you have flooring needs, contact the professionals at Avellino today.