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If you are looking for a refreshing new look for your home or business offices but don’t want to spend a fortune on renovations, a new flooring installation can add a great deal of style and elegance at a reasonable cost. Unlike many other types of home renovation, flooring installation can be done with minimal hassle or time investment.

And if you want flooring with maximum quality and value for your cost, then working with a small, well-coordinated team of professionals is the most strategic way to ensure this.

All of the above and more is what Avellino Flooring excels at. As a small, highly professional team of John Lewis approved floor fitters who are invested in-house with our company, we have a personal interest in delivering long lasting, quality results. You will be working directly with the same people who want to see their own reputation flourish among clients.

More specifically, here are several crucial benefits of installing new flooring or carpeting through a small, dedicated team of pros.

A refreshing new look that lasts

Old floors can only be cleaned and waxed so many times before the scuff marks and wear start to accumulate. The same goes for carpets, which can fray and fill with grime over the years despite diligent care. None of this is to mention simple aesthetics, which change over time even if your floors from years gone by have been kept clean. Installing a new floor deals with both issues effectively. The old is replaced by something completely fresh and the new, stylish look of your floor can easily uplift the atmosphere of the whole home or office.

Increased property value

A home with stylish new floors is a home that looks well-maintained, and if you’re thinking of selling, this can mean an easier sale at the price you’ve named. Even if you have no plans to move out and sell your property, the perception that new floors or carpeting create among visiting family, friends and especially clients in an office context, can create its own indirect benefits.

Health benefits and sanitary considerations.

As the surfaces that we spend every day walking over and spilling things on, floors take on a tremendous amount of dust, grit and other unfortunate messes. Over time, these along with subfloor humidity can build up to create a toxic brew of mold and bacteria. Installing new floors or carpets completely removes this problem in the most total way possible.

Superior Functionality

Old floor materials don’t just fade or wear out over time, they also become loose, disjointed, noisy or simply lose their best comfort qualities. With a new flooring or carpeting integration to your home or office, you’ll be receiving the benefit of completely renewed functionality with the freshest materials on the market.

Professional results

The expert fitting technicians at Avellino Flooring offer over two decades of experience in delivering all of the above quickly, efficiently and thoroughly without any collateral damage to your valuable property. We are a fully insured company and we completely clean and vacuum after fitting. We also replace all furniture and fittings to their original locations. Our quotations and measurements are cost and obligation free, and we welcome both commercial and private customers alike.

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